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flexterior metal treads


1. Extruded heat-treated aluminum is resistant to corrosion
2. Anti-slip epoxy coating with mineral abrasive grits
3. Exceeds ADA recommendations for slip resistance
4. UV-stable, custom color matching available
5. Pre-drilled with countersunk holes for flush finish

Outdoors in rugged conditions, indoors in industrial or commercial applications, FlexTerior™ treads provide a slip resistant surface that’s made to last. Made of exterior-grade aluminum and inlaid with an epoxy and abrasive grit blend, FlexTerior™ treads are ideal for installation on new or existing stairs and landings.

  • Certifications


  • LEED

    Not applicable for this product.

  • Adhesives

    Specify type of installation for correct screws. Premium-grade, exterior polyurethane construction adhesive required.



flexterior tread colors

  • flexterior metal tread specs

    FlexTerior™ Treads

    Gauge1/4" overall
    Depth4", 9", plus 11" Special Order
    Lengths36", 48"
    Over 48" Special Order
    Pieces /Ctn6
    Special Order TBD
    Weight /Lin Ft (lb)2.2 for 9" or 2.76 for 11"
    Screw Packaging36" - 9 per set, 48" - 13 per set