Stair Treads

Safety + durability for interior and exterior applications

Durable, dependable stair treads add a critical layer of protection in any multilevel environment. In stairwells, the possibility of slips and falls is increased, which makes stair treads, risers, stringers and landing tiles essential for minimizing the chance of injury.

Both indoor and outdoor treads should be engineered to meet every requirement, specification and environmental challenge. Not only will quality treads provide essential safety precautions, such as moisture and wear resistance, they can also enhance visibility and protect the stairs beneath, reducing future maintenance costs.

Treads should offer:

  • Compliance with ADA and OSHA requirements
  • Material and style options that work across multipurpose settings
  • Extraordinary strength and durability
  • Responsible, sustainable construction
  • Easy-to-clean, low-maintenance upkeep
  • Coordinated accessories

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