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Guiding shoppers through a branded store experience requires every element of the interior design to add functionality. Flooring is no exception. Not only must the flooring be durable, safe, easy to maintain and perform in high-traffic areas, it can add to the visual appeal and comfort of many retail environments.

Flexco offers the design flexibility necessary to create unique and attractive shopping areas. With rubber, vinyl and LVT flooring available in coordinated color palettes, patterns and textures, our science-backed, sustainably sourced floors can handle the rigors of retail spaces easily and beautifully.

Why Flexco


In spaces where extreme durability is a requirement, Flexco has it. Our rubber, vinyl and LVT flooring helps resist moisture, scuffs and scratches as well as indentations from heavy fixtures, furniture or equipment.


Flooring with slip resistance is key to preventing accidents and injuries—especially where spills or wet conditions may occur, such as in a grocery store or a pet shop. We also offer flooring materials that stand up to oil, grease and chemical spills in specialized environments.


All Flexco floors are resistant to stains and damage from spills, chemicals and other substances commonly found in retail spaces. They are easy to clean and maintain without added finishes or coatings or the use of harsh cleaners.

When visual appeal is a priority, Flexco delivers. Offering coordinated, on-trend palettes, extensive textures and designs and the ability to create custom-cut logos or branding, Flexco makes it simple to achieve an atmosphere sure to enhance customer experience.

Flexco flooring is made with responsibly sourced, energy-efficient materials. From manufacturing to installation through long-term use, our flooring contributes to better indoor air quality, helps earn LEED credits and has multiple environmental certifications.


Our flooring naturally absorbs sound and helps to achieve pleasing environments and experiences. Flexco offers LVT and rubber flooring to help minimize noise in highly populated malls, shopping centers and grocery store settings.

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Flexco flooring is ideal for use across a wide range of retail environments.

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