Installation + Maintenance


Optimum performance starts with quality installation and continues with efficient maintenance. Choosing and using Excelsior Flooring Installation and Maintenance products provides excellent results.

Excelsior Underlayment

CSU-400 Cork Sound Control Underlayment

FSU-410 Floating Sound Control Underlayment

Excelsior Adhesives

AW-510 Acrylic Wet-Set Adhesive

PS-525 Modified Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

WB-600 Acrylic Wall Base Adhesive Pail Caulk Gun

C-631 Water-Based Contact Adhesive

TP-620 Tread Tape

U-705 Urethane Wet-Set Adhesive

EW-710 Epoxy Modified Urethane Adhesive

PSD-805 Modified Pressure Sensitive ESD Adhesive

USD-810 Urethane Wet-Set ESD Adhesive

Excelsior Maintenance Products

NC-900 All-Purpose Cleaner Gallon

CM-910 Cleaner & Maintainer

FR-920 Vinyl Flooring Finish Remover

PR-930 High-Performance Finish Remover

MF-940 Matte Acrylic Floor Finish

GF-950 Gloss Acrylic Floor Finish

PF-960 High-Performance Floor Finish

Color-Matched Caulks

Ideal for touch-ups or hiding installation gaps, color-matched caulks are in stock to coordinate with the colors in our FlexTones Color Palette. Custom colors to match other colors in the line are also available. Contact your local distributor to order.

Where to buy

To place an order, you can contact your local distributor.
Smaller quantities of some Excelsior floor finish products are also available at