Flexco® IMPACT Program



The collaborative Flexco IMPACT Program enables customers to return our flooring at the end of its product life cycle so that we can recycle it for alternate uses. Flexco will arrange for the retrieval of the flooring and find new uses for the product that will divert it from landfills and oceans. To date, our flooring has been recycled into new flooring, landscaping mulch, playground surfacing and rubber crumb for athletic fields.

Our Impact Program offers both Upcycle and Downcycle components.

The Upcycle Impact includes responsible sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing in a ISO 14001 certified facility, and recycling pre-consumer waste from our own facilities.

The Downcycle Impact covers collecting end-of-life flooring, reporting it for waste diversion verification for your sustainability reporting and LEEDS credits, and finding new uses and users for recycled products.

Contact us today to participate in this collaborative program

Call 1-800-862-7539, ext. 7224, or email impact@flexcofloors.com.

  • We will ship a Gaylord collection container to your site to collect qualified materials for recycling.
  • When you are ready to recycle, contact a shipper to return your container to Flexco. You may use your own method for shipping; however, it must be prepaid. Due to the amount of recycled product and the cost of further processing, we are unable to cover shipping costs and greatly appreciate your contribution to this program.
  • For sustainability reporting purposes, please include the project name, location and contact information.
  • Upon receipt of your materials, we will ensure they’re processed and repurposed as new flooring and other practical products.

The Upcycle Impact

Responsible. Resourceful. Recyclable.

The Downcycle Impact

Replace. Reclaim. Repurpose.