Specialty Flooring


Ideally, flooring will meet every parameter for a commercial space, including style, performance and the functionality and use of the space. These considerations are essential in challenging high-tech, maritime and industrial environments.

Flexco has engineered a variety of specialty rubber and vinyl floors to stand up to these specific challenges. From earning safety certifications to successfully repelling oil and grease, our specialty flooring is constructed to safeguard against heavy-use activity, the impact of static on sensitive technology and damage from potentially toxic substances.

Versatile, site-specific protections

  • Environmentally responsible, highly sustainable rubber and vinyl
  • Scratch, scuff, chemical and stain resistant
  • Available in many color and design options
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • ESD options have protection built right into the floor, no coatings or finishes required
  • IMO flooring is the only marine flooring certified by the U.S. Coast Guard

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