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base sculptures

Base Sculptures™


Made better to
make you look better.

Better for designers. Better for installers. Better for referrals.

In today’s world, where expectations are high and product performance is
required, FLEXCO Base Sculptures are the ideal choice. Available in 61 colors
and 18 distinct profiles, FLEXCO gives you the ultimate in creative flexibility.

For installers, our Base Sculptures are more flexible than traditional options,
so they conform better to irregularities in the wall. They deliver fast to get the
job done quickly with a perfect look every time.

Made better in the USA.

FLEXCO Base Sculptures are made from durable, flexible thermoplastic rubber. They’re also formulated with a bio-based plasticizer instead of petroleum-based phthalates, reducing greenhouse gases by up to 10%. Choose profiles ranging in heights from 2-5/8” to 7-3/4” and gauges from 1/8” to 1/2” to manage any wall transition.

• Phthalate-free
• Formaldehyde-free
• Isocyanate-free
• Brominated flame retardant-free
• Virgin raw materials

A better solution for corners

For installers, inside and outside corners can be the most challenging and
time-consuming part of the job. We make it easy. With our color-coordinated
corner blocks, you can achieve a perfect look quickly and easily.


Custom height orders for corner blocks available in ½” increments.

A better finished installation


Now designers have another option that outperforms wood and raises the
aesthetic level of any application, including Base Sculptures. FLEXCO® 1/2” x 1/2” Quarter Round trim is the perfect finishing touch for many wall base installations.

Quarter Round trim packs as 1-40’/roll or in 10-12’ sections.

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Want to delight your clients?

Specify FLEXCO Base Sculptures Wall Base System.

Recommended adhesives

WB-600 Acrylic Wall Base Adhesive
C-630 Contact Adhesive

Profile Diagrams

Profile Images

The best choice for profiled wall base.

Get the best results with FLEXCO Base Sculptures Wall Base System.
With our broad profile offering and color choices, we’ll make every installation a reflection of you.


Custom height orders for corner blocks available in ½” increments.




Base Sculptures™

Gauge1/8" to 1/2" nominal
Wall Heights 2-5/8", 3", 4", 4-1/4", 4-1/2", 4-5/8", 5", 5-1/4", 6" and 7-3/4"
Lengths40' rolls or 8' lengths
Lin Ft/CtnSee below
Weight /Ctn (lb)
2540' roll
1640' roll
Charisma4040' roll
Reflection4640' roll
Regal328' pcs, 5 pcs per ctn
Charmed558' pcs, 16 pcs per ctn
Echo448' pcs, 5 pcs per ctn
Icon528' pcs, 6 pcs per ctn
Captivate558' pcs, 9 pcs per ctn
Bliss488' pcs, 5 pcs per ctn
Whimsical548' pcs, 6 pcs per ctn
Triumph498' pcs, 5 pcs per ctn
Enchanted508' pcs, 6 pcs per ctn
Noble508' pcs, 10 pcs per ctn
Marquis508' pcs, 4 pcs per ctn
Escalate518' pcs, 5 pcs per ctn
Resolute478' pcs, 4 pcs per ctn
Fascinate538' pcs, 4 pcs per ctn