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vinyl wall base


1. Type TV vinyl
2. Economical wall base option
3. FlexOne pricing – solid colors all one price
4. Superior finish resists scuffing and gouging
5. Available in 61 colors

FLEXCO® Vinyl Type TV wall base offers a superior color finish and quality construction, yet it’s made from vinyl, which makes it more economical than rubber for certain applications. When you’re looking to save some expense, look no further than FLEXCO® vinyl. No limitations means just that: all wall base sizes are available in all colors, and no matter which shade you choose, all colors in each line are all priced the same.

  • Certifications

     FloorScoreCHPS Made-In-USA

Vinyl Wall Base Installation
  • LEED

    EnviroFlex™ product. May contribute to one or more LEED® credits.

  • Adhesives

    AW-510 Acrylic Wet Set Adhesive
    WB-600 Acrylic Wall Base Adhesive
    C-631 Water Based Contact Adhesive
    (See technical documents below for Data Sheets and SDS.)



  • vinyl wall base specs

    Vinyl Wall Base

    Gauge1/8" or .080"
    Wall Heights2-1/2", 4", and 6"
    Lengths48" lengths and 120' rolls
    Lin ft/Ctn120' (lengths or rolls)
    Weight /Ctn (lb)1/8".080"
    2-1/2" Cove3020
    2-1/2" Straight2622
    4" Cove4032
    4" Straight4332
    6" Cove6950
    6" Straight6952