Rubber and Vinyl Flooring Products

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rubber flooring

Naturally resistant to mold and mildew, Flexco® rubber floors are designed for durability, versatility and slip resistance, plus they’re very quiet and comfortable under foot. Choose from textured, smooth, and environmentally friendly tile, in colors and patterns to match any design or application, from showrooms and residences to auto shops and bakeries.

vinyl flooring

From retail to restaurants to emergency rooms, Flexco® Vinyl Flooring is performance and style through and through. No fillers. No waxing. No problem. It’s solid vinyl that’s a solid solution whether your needs are anti-bacterial or all about design. Tough on heavy traffic. Easy to maintain. Our Vinyl Flooring will stand the tests of time in more ways than one.

wall base

It’s the perfect finishing touch. The final element of style to transition your look from wall to floor. And Flexco® provides the fine design lines to enhance your space with color, durability and added dimension. From the smooth runs of Wallflowers® that conform to your curves and angles with ease, to the many faces of Base Sculptures™, Flexco® wall base knows how to bring a room together.

stair treads

Whether your priority is matching tile colors or adding safety features, Flexco® stair treads take design and performance up a notch. Create a seamless style from floor to floor with the high-performance of rubber or meet high-traffic demands with a durable vinyl solution. Flexco® stair treads deliver on every level.