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vinyl stair tread

April 21, 2014

Vinyl stair tread solutions conbine safty with style.

Nothing is as durable as rubber or vinyl stair tread options. Vinyl flooring can provide a multitude of benefits including long-term savings, less chance of slipping and falling for you and your customers and easy to maintain surfaces staying sharp for years to come. Finding affordable flooring is easy with Flexco Floors and our FlexOne pricing structure.

FlexOne is a single price point system that allows your to mix and match colors within one of our quality floor series. Your prices are based on the square footage you need to cover instead of solely on the product you are interested in. This allows you to pick all blue rubber flooring or black and white vinyl stair tread options for a unique sense of style and design.

Flexco Floors has over 50 years of experience in helping you create your space to match your vision. We are your resilient flooring partner that is determined and dedicated to making dreams realities. We have advances as an industry pioneer and innovator by being performance driven, progress oriented and partnership minded. We take flooring quality and selection to high levels. We develop cutting edge product with the best and newest features. Also, we build and strengthen relationships with distributors, architects, contractors and installers to ensure we meet your needs and stay ahead of the curve.

Our vinyl stair treads are made of tough, long wearing vinyl with a specially designed safety rib surface. They are engineered to meet all the demands of high traffic areas particularly in settings where style and design count. We offer two weights of vinyl stair tread for heavy traffic conditions and for light commercial and residential applications. It is very resilient stair covering that is resistant to soil and stains and is easy to maintain. It exceeds the ADA recommendations for slip resistance as well as contributing to the LEED certification. Even the adhesive contains an antimicrobial agent for added protection against mold and bacteria.

A vinyl stair tread is ideal for medical buildings, laboratories and other areas where safety is a factor. Our stair treads come in a variety of colors to match our vinyl flooring options such as Cobalt and Rain Forest. They are ideal where style and design is important without breaking the bank. They are easy to install, allow for a custom and unique look and are easy to maintain.

When you consider how you want to design your establishment, remember how vinyl can help save money, prevent injuries and is easy to clean. With its durability, slip resistant features and simplicity, you can create a unique interior space with a variety of complementing colors. Contact Flexco Floors today for your vinyl stair tread needs.

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