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April 21, 2014

Vinyl floor tiles are the leading choice of flooring for commercial spaces and any space that is likely to host high levels of foot traffic. Most of the major office buildings, work spaces, schools, hospitals and universities you enter will have floors made with vinyl floor tiles. This kind of flooring is trusted and has become a leader in commercial spaces. But what exactly makes it so trusted?

Vinyl floor tiles are relatively inexpensive, yet they outperform many other materials for a wide variety of purposes. Perhaps the most important and most oft-cited benefit of vinyl tiles is their durability. Vinyl tiles are extremely resilient. They are inherently resistant to scuffing and scratching and hold up very well in high traffic areas. Quality vinyl flooring is also highly resistant to soiling, staining or mildew. They don’t warp from moisture the way many other flooring surfaces do. Vinyl floors will maintain their original sheen and appearance long after other flooring types have gotten battered and worn. That means there is less need to fill cracks or unsightly scratches and no need to wax and polish the floor – ever.

Vinyl floor tiles can also be designed to meet the custom needs of highly specialized work areas. Flexco, a leading vinyl flooring manufacturer, has developed a number of high performance vinyl tiles. One of their cutting edge examples is their Health Design Solid Vinyl Tile. This type of vinyl tiling is specially prepared to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It’s the ideal choice for any space that needs to maintain a sterile environment. When your work environment itself actively discourages microbes and fungi it delivers a real advantage for research and clinical spaces. Likewise, Flexco has developed an innovative type of grounded, anti-static vinyl flooring. Any work space that deals in sensitive electronic equipment runs a real risk of losses to static discharge, which many conventional floors cannot control. But with grounded vinyl flooring the risk of destructive static discharges becomes minute.

Of course, just because a space is used for research doesn’t mean it has to look sterile. Flexco is known for producing itsvinyl flooring products in a diverse range of styles, textures and colors to match any work space. Functional flooring does not have to take away from design elements and can contribute to or even enhance the overall aesthetic of an area. Flexco now offers designer styles available in more than 20 convincing wood grain looks and 8 attractive types of faux stone.

There’s a reason that commercial spaces have come to rely on using vinyl tiles, and the tiles made by Flexco lead the market. It’s worth taking taking a look at Flexco’s wide selection of vinyl floor tiles.

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