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April 21, 2014

There are many different kinds of tile flooring available. Tile flooring has been popular for ages, and never seems to go out of style. It’s easy to install and easy to clean. Traditional tiles are made from ceramic or similar compounds. They have a classic look but they are also heavy, expensive and can be easily broken. These aren’t ideal characteristics for every space. Luckily there are a number of amazing alternative tiles being put out by leading companies like Flexco. Two of Flexco’s biggest hits are cutting edge tile alternatives: vinyl floor tiles and rubber floor tiles.

Vinyl tile flooring has been really catching on over the past few decades. Vinyl is one of the best imaginable flooring surfaces because it is intensely durable. Vinyl can often take a beating that wood, linoleum, or carpeted surfaces could never handle. Vinyl entered the market as a commercial solution for high traffic areas in public areas, but its cost effectiveness, attractive look and durability have caused it to get picked up equally in the residential market. Homeowners and large residential spaces value the no-maintenance nature of vinyl. Flexco has really shown off what vinyl tiles are capable of by introducing stone pattern vinyl embedded with real beads of ceramic and flecks of silver to give a true, three dimensional texture like real stone. They also offer a wide variety of wood grain, colored, and textured styles as well as specialty materials for industrial use.

Rubber tile flooring is less well known but is also catching on as people are impressed with how it performs. Like vinyl it is extremely durable. Stains bounce right off and moisture pools instead of soaking in, making cleanup a snap and ensuring your floor keeps its original looks for many years to come. Rubber has a very different feel from vinyl however, with a soft, comfortable walking texture. Increasingly, rubber tile floor is being picked up by indoor gyms, basketball courts and other sporting facilities because it is such a comfortable, low impact material. It sees equal use in condos and lofts where it is considered a luxury material available in a wide number of styles to suit any look.

Both of these special types of tile flooring are making some serious style statements. They’re catching on, and a big part of that is because Flexco makes so many varieties available in many different looks. When rubber and vinyl flooringwere commercial products they were available in very limited selections, but Flexco has widened the market by introducing a beautiful array of choices. Whether you are renovating an office, designing your home or simply re-flooring an existing space, there is vinyl or rubber tile flooring that will fit your space.

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