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April 21, 2014

Have you been considering installing stair treads? Rubber stair treads were developed to bring style, dependability and efficiency together. Many people think that rubber stair treads will only make a difference in an industrial setting and therefore don’t install them where it isn’t required by law. This can be a costly mistake. Any measure that helps reduce the risk of accidents in the work place is a good one, both to ensure the safety of your employees as well as that of clients and to avoid being left open to possible lawsuits.

While many people will avoid the stairs to take an elevator when possible, there are also plenty of people who will still use the stairs. Many people think that hand railings may be sufficient safety equipment, but they are mistaken. The people that take the stairs are often times the ones that are attempting to stay in shape while in the workplace jogging up and down the stairs without using the hand rails. Additionally people may also be carrying things and are not able to grasp the handrail. Workers deciding to jog regularly is something that an employer would want to encourage in your workplace as it leads to a healthier work force, with less claims on the company insurance plan, while at the same time leaving workers feeling refreshed, accomplished and happy. Installing stair treads, rubber is a fantastic resilent no slip material, can encourage the jogging as well maintain safety.

Are you convinced now that you may need stair treads? Rubber treads offered by Flexco are made with PVC free rubber and naturally resists bacteria and fungi. The performance of rubber treads can be enhanced with Flexco’s metal reinforced nose, which is backed by a 25 year warranty. People installing treads will want to know that it not only matches the character of the space but also that the color will last on the stair treads. Rubber used to make the treads is compression molded into a dense, homogeneous construction with color that extends through the entire thickness. Colors also can coordinate with the wall base, accessories and tile products using our FlexTones color matching system. To take safety to the next level ribbed inserts or grit strips can be inserted for the visually impaired or to produce extra traction.

There is no way to completely prevent injuries on staircases, but rubber stair treads are a durable, low-cost solution that can help prevent a minor slip or stumble from becoming a tragic fall. It is a good idea for any business owner to invest instair treads. Rubber  and vinyl flooring products from Flexco are the affordable, durable solution you have been looking for.

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