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stair treads and risers

April 21, 2014

Some companies treat stair treads and risers as an afterthought. But of all the accents you put in a work area or commercial space, few stand out as dramatically as riser and treads on a stairway. It immediately transforms the feel of a space, which can be a positive or negative change depending on the product you go with.

At their heart, stair treads and risers are a safety feature. However, this does not mean they can’t also carry a sense of style all their own and blend with the overall atmosphere you want your space to convey. That’s why Flexco’s line of top-quality stair treads and risers offer more options for color, style and function than any other manufacturer. Flexco is determined that functional elements of a work space can also match, enhance and contribute to the stylistic elements. It’s a philosophy that has made the company a leader in its field.

Most lines of rubber stair treads and risers only offer a few options: a handful of colors, one or two textures, and that’s it. But Flexco’s line of rubber treads and risers offers more than eighty different colors. Many of these colors are textured patterns. They include faux wood grain styles and creative elements that look like granite, marble, and a variety of other materials. They are available in two-tone styles to increase visibility, with dozens of options for the inset color stripe. Even the physical treads are customizable, with a variety of patterns whether you want a more industrial aesthetic or a more playful feel. There is no other line of stair treads and risers that offer such versatility and style.

At the same time, Flexco never sacrifices quality. Rubber stair treads are designed to be durable and resist staining and soil. They are specially engineered with an anti-microbial agent to actively resist mold, mildew and bacteria. Unlike other brands, Flexco’s rubber treads are molded with the color running through the entire thickness, not just on the surface. This means scuffs and scratches are much less noticeable and extends the lifetime of the treads considerably. With an optional metal nose to protect your steps, Flexco’s treads are warrantied up to 25 years, long outlasting the competitors. And all of Flexco’s rubber flooring products are PVC free which makes them better for the environment and reduces your company’s imprint on the earth.

When it comes to any safety treads, stringers, risers or other rubber safety components for stairs, Flexco is the clear choice. They value the design integrity of their customers’ buildings and go out of their way to make extra options to match any work space. If you need stair treads and risers for your office, residential building or business, Flexco is the way to go.

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