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stair tread covers

April 21, 2014

Stair tread covers are a safety feature that many companies are utilizing. In addition to offering safety tread covers can also add to the look and design of a space by matching colors in the space. This can create a seamless style from floor to floor with the high-performance of rubber or meet high-traffic demands with a durable vinyl solution. Stair tread covers come in several styles and materials, including materials specialized for the outdoors.

The Flexterior stair tread covers are great for outdoor stairs or for indoor industrial or commercial applications. This product provides a slip resistant tread surface that is made to last and is ideal for installation on new or existing stairs and landings. Stairs are one of the highest risk parts of any commercial or industrial space. Aside from heavy machinery, stairs are the most likely place where an accident is likely to occur.

If you’re designing or remodeling any public space, you’re probably considering some form of rubber or vinyl flooring and non slip stair tread covers for the stairs. Stair treads have been a safety standard for decades, but with the new styles available from Flexco they are rapidly becoming a design element as well. For certain types of building usages non slip stair treads are required by law. In other places it may be just good sense to have them installed. But regardless of your reason for installing stair treads, you want them to be an attractive part of your space. Flexco believes that all safety features should be able to seamlessly fit into a space and match the design of the surrounding floors, walls, and fixtures.

Flexco offers robust rubber and vinyl options to meet safety and style goals. The rubber tread cover is the classic option and comes in countless colors and texture patterns to fit any environment. These covers are best suited for office buildings in medium traffic areas. In areas where higher traffic is expected Flexco also offers a vinyl stair cover line. These stair tread covers also come in a variety of colors to match virtually any space. All of these treads are compatible with Flexco’s non-slip treaded floor surfaces.

Flexco is a leader in safety, quality and style and can be of assistance whether you’re upgrading an existing space, remodeling, or designing a new work area for the first time. Flexco products are also environmentally friendly, some being made with recycled products, and can contribute to LEED certifications for a space. See what a difference Flexco’s stair tread covers can do in your space by visiting our website and looking at the different product properties.

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