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stair nosing

April 21, 2014

More and more workplaces are using rubber anti-slip stair treads, but does your business use stair nosing as well? While stair treads on their own make for a wonderful safety feature, the addition of stair nosing can go a step further and protect the stairs in your building from wear and tear, both from the heavy usage going up and down the stairs as well as from the elements on an outdoor staircase. Nosing makes a significant difference in the lifespan and appearance of your stairs, but there are still companies that choose not to use it. So what exactly makes stair nosing such a worthwhile investment?

You may not realize it, but stairs are one area of your building that receive the most wear and tear. All foot traffic tends to funnel toward the stairs, so in many cases a staircase will receive the same amount of traffic on its own as the entire floor of the building that it connects to. This is particularly noticeable in retail spaces and open-style work areas where the staircase is a design element. The scuffs and wear on the stairs will quickly become evident and, instead of presenting a welcoming appearance to customers or visitors, it rapidly becomes the sore spot of the visual landscape. In a similar way, industrial and heavy-use areas will see significantly more damage accrue. When moving anything up or down the stairs or walking on them in heavy boots, the edges of each step typically end up getting hit over and over and will quickly get beat up.

Outdoor staircases face an additional set of issues as they are exposed to the wind, snow and rain, and the edges of each step remain the most vulnerable part of the staircase.

Of course, a concern with any kind of stair nosing is appearance. There is no point in covering up damage and protecting a staircase from further harm if the covering itself is unsightly. That’s why companies like Flexco specialize in making rubber flooring, stair treads and stair nosing that is not only functional and durable, but an attractive design element in its own right. Flexco produces a wide variety of options for stair nosing in many colors, textures and styles, and this includes the option of embedding anti-slip grit strips or high-visibility contrasting color stripes in the nosing and treads to meet a variety of needs.

If the quality of your space matters to you, there is no better way to ensure a durable, long-lasting, sightly building than to accent the stairs in your space with attractive, functional stair nosing from Flexco. Take a look at what they have to offer you and give them a call today.

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