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April 21, 2014

Ten years ago no one could have predicted that rubber mats would become one of the next great trends in flooring. There are many different types of flooring on the market right now, but rubber flooring has become a hallmark of quality and chic sophistication. Office buildings, condos and a growing number of houses now use rubber floors and the trend shows no sign of stopping indien viagra.

Rubber mats have a lot of advantages over other types of flooring. One of the most durable types of flooring available on the market, rubber floors have a unique texture all their own. They provide a cushioned texture to walk on that many people consider more comfortable on the feet than carpeting. This gentle sense of give is only one aspect of why they are so popular however. Rubber floors reject stains even from notorious spills like red wine or mud. They don’t absorb moisture so they are resistant to soiling, staining and mildew. If you drop a plate or a glass it’s likely to land softly instead of breaking, and floors have never been easier to clean than rubber mats.

New types of rubber mats are now making a splash. A company called Flexco, which has long specialized in creating durable, cost-effective flooring with style, is leading the way in attractive rubber flooring. Many rubber floor manufacturers have very limited color selection designed only for hospitals or offices. But Flexco offers a huge variety of colors, textures and styles that don’t have any minimum order size. They allow for maximum customization in solid color or speckled tones. Recently Flexco has also introduced patterned styles that mimic wood or stone floors and fit any space. Floors can come with a variety of tread styles for an industrial look or a smooth, natural texture with not reads.

Rubber mats are available as sheets or tiles. They’re easy to install and fit together seamlessly. Unlike other stylish floors they don’t require waxing and they resist wear and tear. Flexco also offers rubber stair treads, stringers and risers, and wall bases so you can fully customize any room to incorporate chic, long lasting rubber surfaces. The sections all fit together seamlessly to fool the eye into thinking there is one continuous, smooth surface.

Your guests will be thrilled when they walk on your new rubber floor. It’s a conversation starter and people are often amazed to find out that the surface under their feet is actually made from rubber. More and more buildings are switching to rubber floors for both stylistic reasons and because of the practical benefits. Don’t let yourself get left behind. Take a look at the rubber mats and other floors available from Flexco.

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