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April 21, 2014

Rubber flooring tiles are becoming increasingly more popular in office spaces as well as schools. This is a great thing as Flexco offers a sustainable option as the center piece of their rubber flooring product line. The green building movement has revolutionized the construction industry and changed what everyday people expect from the buildings where they work, live and play.

Rubber flooring tiles are sustainable in more than one way. The tiles are made from recycled rubber but they are also durable and made to last and have a long lifespan, both of which are sustainable qualities. There has to be a baseline level of quality for all flooring products, regardless of whether they strive to be green or not. Any product that performs the way natural rubber does would be desirable for floors, and the fact that it is also one of the most ecologically responsible options on the market just makes it even better. Rubber flooring tiles are engineered for high-traffic public areas that thousands of people walk on daily; therefore they are designed to stand up to all sorts of the abuse that a floor needs to endure. They are made of a thick, incredibly strong version of rubber with eye-catching colors and patterns.

Rubber tiles have a certain character that gives a space its own aesthetic. Rubber flooring is comfortable to walk on and it feels pleasant and gentle under the feet. The comfortable feel of the flooring might seem to be deceitful as it is firm and strong at the same time. Flexco has made an art form out recycled flooring tiles producing striking styles and textures. By incorporating recycled rubber into the production process, we can prevent old post-consumer rubber such as used tires from taking up valuable landfill space. To fit every space and style they offer rubber and vinyl flooring in variety of colors, patterns and raised textures.

The end result that they produce high quality rubber flooring tiles for their consumers as well as a product that is sustainable. Many customers find that rubber tiles give their space character and it is very popular in schools because they are able to withstand the heavy foot traffic. They are also becoming more popular in the commercial setting as it recently has become very affordable and it gives the space a customized look.

If you want to offer your customers the very best green building materials that are available, give Flexco a call. They will be able to show you all of their rubber flooring tiles including their flooring made from recycled products.

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