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rubber flooring for gyms

April 21, 2014

Not that many people have heard about rubber flooring for gyms, but they are fast becoming the number one choice for gyms and fitness centers all over the world. As more and more gyms switch to rubber floors, they are discovering just how many benefits rubber floors have over traditional floors and how much better they hold up to the kinds of activities that are commonly seen by gyms, rec rooms, fitness center, play areas, and other similar spaces. So what exactly makes rubber flooring for gyms such a good choice that so many places would switch to it? Let’s look at the reasons.

Gyms and similar spaces see a level and kind of activity that most buildings will never see and that makes rubber flooring for gyms an ideal choice. A typical gym or fitness area will see heavier foot traffic in one year than many commercial spaces see over the course of many years. And this foot traffic follows unusual patterns. People carry heavy weights, go through rapid movements as part of exercise routines, and walk the same paths over and over between big pieces of heavy exercise equipment. This equipment itself exerts wear and tear on the floor, rubbing slightly against the floor with a great deal of weight on every repetition.

The result is that gyms and fitness centers can rapidly wear through most flooring surfaces, getting scuffed, marked, worn, dented and even scraped through. Many of the floors that are marketed to gyms are designed to just be easy to clean, without really standing up to long-term wear the way that rubber flooring for gyms do. Rubber flooringis also exceedingly easy to clean, and stands up to moisture from sweat, rain, or people leaving a swimming pool. In fact rubber flooring can be used both indoors and outdoors making it the ideal surface for a variety of play areas. At the same time rubber flooring is extremely durable, deflecting most sources of wear and tear and holding up remarkably well to sources of damage that would normally scuff and mark a floor. In addition to these terrific properties, rubber flooring has a nice, soft feel when walking on its, and absorbs shock well, making it comfortable for gym users to walk on.

For many of the same reasons, a number of high-traffic retail spaces are now starting to install rubber flooring as well. Retail stores that see a lot of foot traffic can often face many of the same issues as a gym, including people carrying heavy things and people following the same paths over and over to racks and displays. Rubber flooring can make an attractive, durable solution to this kind of space. Rubber flooring for gyms, stores and many other busy spaces is a great idea.

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