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recycled wood floor

April 21, 2014

The term recycled wood floor has become a buzzword these days in construction, but there are drawbacks to using recycled wood floors. Many architects and contractors end up selling their clients on recycled wood floor products without realizing the problems that this product can lead to long term, or unaware of the advantages that other eco friendly building products have that recycled wood floor products simply can’t match. So what exactly are the pros and cons of recycled wood flooring, and what are some of the better options available?

Recycled wood flooring is definitely more green than a traditional wood floor. Whereas a normal wood floor requires trees to be cut down, at least a portion of the wood in a recycled wood floor comes from secondhand, post-consumer materials. This decreases its environmental footprint significantly. But it also results in a product of lesser quality. Flexco strongly support the use of recycled materials, and incorporates them into nearly all of our products: but we specialize in products that, unlike wood, do not suffer a quality loss from being recycled. For wood to be recycled into fresh building materials it needs to be ground up into chips and then glued and pressed back together. This means you lose the beauty, shape and strength of a real hardwood product. Nearly all recycled wood building materials are essentially ultra fine chip board or particle board. Like regular wood it is susceptible to warping and water damage, sometimes even more so.

As a company, Flexco has made it a priority to seek out and develop the very best eco friendly building materials possible. We’ve looked at all possible options for green floors and we intentionally chose not to pursue recycled wood floors because the quality just isn’t up to our standards. Instead, we went in a different direction.

Flexco has opted to pursue rubber and vinyl flooring options to supply first rate green building products to our customers.Rubber is one of the most eco-friendly products on the planet. Unlike recycled wood floors, which ultimately from from cutting down trees that take decades to grow back, rubber is tapped from the sap of a living tree and is completely sustainable. And we include recycled rubber in our floors as well.

Rubber flooring has a look and feel all its own, but for those who really want the feel of real wood we have created our Natural Elements line of recycled vinyl flooring. Made of green materials, it mimics the look and texture of real hardwood even better than most recycled wood floors, with none of the quality drawbacks – and it is water resistant.

If you want to invest in a top quality environmentally friendly floor, we don’t recommend going with a recycled wood floor. Instead, try one of our great green products for durability, style and a better price.

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