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recycled vinyl flooring

April 21, 2014

At Flexco, recycled vinyl flooring is one of our specialties. Over the past decade we’ve witnessed a transformation in the construction industry. Increasingly, consumers are demanding that their homes, their business and the places they go for entertainment must be built in a way that’s considerate of the environment and reduces mankind’s environmental impact. More and more, the developers, contractors and manufacturers who create those buildings are listening to them. But there is also a difficult pinch that affects many people’s environmental enthusiasm: budgets are tight. Many of the building materials that are marketed as green re priced very high, and thus aren’t attainable for most consumers or useful for most developers. Flexco began our commitment to the environment years ago, and we realized early on that the market needs green materials that are affordably priced. That’s a big part of why we focus so much of our business on recycled vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is a material that has a number of important green qualities, but what really affects its environmental friendliness is how much of it is made from recycled materials. At Flexco we’ve made a commitment we call the Enviroflex initiative, which is our drive to include green options in all of our product lines without exception. We can now say that all product lines across our entire catalog are offered in forms that are environmentally sustainable, in large part because we source post-consumer or post-industrial recycled materials. Recycled vinyl flooring is one of our best products because of the high percentage of recycled material we’re able to include in our vinyl and still create a top quality product.

Aside from its green qualities, recycled vinyl flooring also just makes sense as a building material. It outlasts most other flooring surfaces even under the most grueling of conditions. Vinyl naturally resists wear and tear, scratching and scraping and keeps its shine without wax, polish or buffing. It is unaffected by water, doesn’t warp and it has a welcoming look and texture all its own. Plus, if the floor is ever taken out and replaced the vinyl can be recycled once again and keep the green standard going after it’s gone.

To help this material fully realize its potential we’ve taken recycled vinyl and transformed it into some of the most visually stunning and attractive flooring materials on the market. Whether you like tile, hardwood, cork, stone, or an ultra modern look, our vinyl surfaces perfectly mimic any of those styles. We’re confident you will like what you see and find an option that fits into any space you’re designing.

Don’t put your trust in inferior or overpriced eco-friendly products. Take a look at Flexco’s catalog and see what you can get out of our beautiful recycled vinyl flooring.

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