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April 21, 2014

Flexco leads the way in manufacturing quality recycled rubber tiles for use in industrial, residential, and commercial spaces. At Flexco we’ve long had a commitment to the environment and we make a point of including recycled materials or renewably sourced materials in all of our product lines. We’re able to combine both kinds of green sources in our recycled rubber tiles and vinyl flooring which means we’re particularly proud of them. And we’ve made it a priority to increase the range of styles and functions that rubber flooring is manufactured to fill, spreading the use of these affordable, eco friendly, high quality products even farther across the market. So what exactly makes recycled rubber tiles such a good flooring choice?

First of all rubber is a very durable, long lasting natural material. Floors made from rubber are able to withstand significant wear and tear, easily resisting most scraping, dragging, scuffing and foot traffic. Rubber actively fights microbial bacteria, making it one of the few building materials that actually enhances the sanitation of a space. It’s also impervious to water, never warping from moisture or humidity. This makes it good at resisting stains and, at the same time, easy to clean with no hassle or fuss. We like to think of rubber flooring as our very own super material.

To put this super material to work for you, we’ve made sure we offer rubber floor tiles that can match truly any space you might imagine. We have rubber floors that look like beautiful natural wood grain, perfect for an elegant touch, as well as those that fully embrace their rubber material and come across in all their modern glory. We can blend chips of colored rubber into rubber tiles to make virtually any color combination you can come up with, and we also offer our rubber tiles with raised texture that can add an aesthetic twist or increase traction in wet areas or on stairs. We have indoor, outdoor, and super-heavy traffic rubber floor tiles available, in a huge selection of colors and styles.

Of course, all of these options are eco friendly and can help your project qualify for LEED credits. Rubber is a sustainable resource harvested from rubber trees and refined with a minimum of environmental impact. All of our rubber products are PVC free and we include as much post-industrial or post-consumer recycled rubber as is possible. This makes for low-impact recycled rubber tiles that you can be proud to offer to your customers.

At Flexco, we don’t believe that a commitment to the environment needs to conflict with other vital business needs like cost, quality and selection. We want to help you complete your project with the very best materials available, at the very best price, and our recycled rubber tiles are a key part of doing that.

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