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April 21, 2014

Recycled rubber products have become key to the green building industry. Today, an ever increasing number of consumers want to rest easy knowing that their homes, offices and businesses are not contributing to environmental damage. At Flexco we take that philosophy a step further and make sure that our products actively help preserve the environment. We’ve made a promise to incorporate sustainable or recycled materials across all of our product lines including our vinyl flooring. One of the key ways that we deliver on that promise is by using recycled rubber products in our stylish and effective rubber floors.

Rubber floor tiles have long been a centerpiece of the Flexco product catalog, but not everyone understands just how environmentally friendly rubber floors really are. Many people mistakenly think rubber is a plastic, but in fact it is a natural material. Rubber is made by tapping the sap of rubber trees, a sustainable, renewable source for one of the most powerful materials nature has to offer. The sap is then refined into the resilient, long-lasting product we know as rubber. In addition to quality sources of fresh natural rubber, Flexco also harnesses post-consumer rubber and saves it from being added to the landfill, using it instead to make top of the line recycled rubber products. This is part of how we ensure that our rubber floors are green materials through and through.

But our rubber floors are not only known for being made of recycled rubber products. They’re also remarkable floor products in and of themselves. Rubber floors last longer than many other flooring materials because they have all the toughness and endurance of natural rubber. They resist damage from impact, scraping or gouging. They also resist water, mold and mildew, making them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They don’t require the heavy duty service work of other floors, never needing wax or polishing to keep their look. And they last for years even under the most intense foot traffic or industrial work. Rubber floors are in many ways the ideal floor surface.

We engineer our rubber floor products to be aesthetically pleasing, too. We offer a variety of lines of rubber floor products, including our textured Flextones rubber tiles, known for their mod look, and our evolving list of styles that include wood lookalikes and speckled tiles. We also offer specialty rubber floor products for outdoor or industrial areas, hospitals and clinics, and technology labs. Even gyms and sports centers are now using rubber flooring with our heavy duty Prime Sports floors.

If you want to include eco-friendly materials in your development without compromising your style or jacking up the cost, consider Flexco’s rubber floors, made with natural and recycled rubber products.

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