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recycled rubber flooring

April 21, 2014

Increasingly, more and more businesses are choosing recycled rubber flooring for the floors in public spaces. This includes gyms, offices, retail stores and large busy areas like hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Rubber flooring, once a rare sight, is starting to become a popular choice in all kinds of different settings. So what are the advantages of recycled rubber flooring and why is it becoming so widespread?

The main thing that draws people to recycled rubber flooring is its incredible properties. With all other considerations aside, rubber flooring simply outperforms other types of flooring, especially in high-traffic areas. Comfortable to walk on, rubber flooring boasts a durable, easy to clean surface that resists almost any wear and tear. Rubber is a naturally strong and resilient material that just doesn’t scratch or scrape easily. It will resist millions of feet as well as the special strain placed on a floor by children, carts, heavy equipment, running and sports, or a variety of work usages. Rubber also resists staining and doesn’t require waxing and polishing like other types of floors. The result is that recycled rubber flooring outlasts other types of floors and requires less upkeep and maintenance costs while doing so. It’s simply a good buy.

Still, that’s not the only reason rubber floor tiles are becoming so popular. The green building movement has taken off with a fervor, and more and more people are seeking out ways to build that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable. Recycled rubber flooring fits all three of these categories. Made from recycled tires, rubber floors help keep waste out of landfills and are produced in an environmentally conscious way, then sold at very affordable prices. They’re one of only a few ways to turn something that is normally forgotten in the green design process – the floor – into a beautiful bragging point and a step in the right direction for the environment.

Finally, there’s the look. Rubber flooring has been developed to match and compliment an amazing variety of styles. Rubber floors were once known for a very industrial, modern look and they are still available that way for spaces that want an edgy or clean look. However many other styles are also available now including imitation stone and wood floors that fit into more classical spaces and a variety of simple, subtle styles in many different colors. The possibilities of texture, color flecks, shapes and mixed colors are nearly endless.

All of these different reasons have contributed to what could be described as a green flooring revolution. More people are catching on to the advantages of recycled rubber flooring and it’s sure to keep making appearances in an ever wider array of settings.

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