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recycled rubber flooring tiles

April 21, 2014

At Flexco, recycled rubber flooring tiles are a centerpiece of our product line. We’ve watched with delight as the green building movement has revolutionized the construction industry and changed what everyday people expect from the buildings where they work, live and play. For years we have taken naturally occurring, sustainably produced rubber and used it to design and produce some of the finest building materials on the planet. Now, we see more and more consumers asking for green products, and more contractors looking to give them what they want. We believe that recycled rubber flooring tiles are among the very best eco friendly building options. Here’s why.

First off, recycled rubber is simply one of the most effective flooring materials you can ask for, even if environmental friendliness wasn’t a concern. There has to be a baseline level of quality for all flooring products, regardless of whether they strive to be green or not. Any product that performs the way natural rubber does would be desirable for floors, and the fact that it is also one of the most ecologically responsible options on the market just makes it even better. Some of the great qualities of rubber that make it such a perfect building material include its natural resilience, which allows it to suffer heavy floor abuse without showing any damage, and its water resistance. Recycled rubber flooring tiles never warp or crack. They are low maintenance, high performance building elements that we can produce for a ridiculously low price compared to other long-lasting surfaces like wood and stone.

Secondly, rubber has its very own aesthetic that can really add something to a space. People like walking on rubber floors: they feel cushy and gentle under their feet, yet they’re firm and strong. At Flexco we’ve taken recycled rubber flooring tiles and made them into an art form, using their unique lustre and texture to make some truly striking styles. We offer rubber floors in a variety of colors, patterns and raised textures so that there is a product to fit every space and every style.

Throughout all of our recycled rubber flooring tiles and vinyl flooring we’re proud of our green building practices. Rubber is a natural material gathered from tropical trees. It’s a sustainable resource that we’re grateful we’re able to use. By incorporating recycled rubber into the production process, we can also prevent old post-consumer rubber such as used tires from taking up valuable landfill space. The end result is a product that’s great for our customers and great for the earth.

If you want to offer your customers the very best green building materials that are available, give Flexco a call. We’re happy to be able to show you our recycled rubber flooring tiles.

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