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recycled rubber floor

April 21, 2014

A recycled rubber floor isn’t just one of the best green building options you can offer your customers, it’s one of the best building options, period. Right now there is a great deal of attention in the construction industry being given to ways to make buildings environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. At Flexco, we’re happy to see the industry moving in a conscientious new direction. We’re also concerned at how many manufacturers charge outrageous prices for green materials, or try to sell inferior quality materials just because of their environmental qualities. We’ve built our business around taking some of the most durable, high quality and luxurious materials in the industry and making them thoroughly eco-friendly. Our recycled rubber floor products are at the core of that commitment.

Rubber floors are one of the most ecologically sound flooring choices on the market. Even sourced completely from new rubber, rubber floors are sustainable and renewable: they’re made from the sap of fast-growing tropical trees that are tapped, not killed, for the rubber harvest. That’s about as low of an environmental footprint as a material can have. But we’ve stepped it up even more by including recycled rubber in our formulation as well. We’ve saved thousands of tons of post-consumer rubber from being deposited in landfills. In many cases this rubber comes from used tires that are notorious for ending up in lakes and the ocean. Instead, they’re now going into quality recycled rubber floor products.

On top of its environmental advantages, a recycled rubber floor also makes good sense purely from a construction perspective. Rubber is one of the most comfortable, attractive and durable flooring surfaces available. It bounces back from abuse like no other flooring product. It can ignore a great deal of scraping and traffic without showing any scuffs or marks. It repels water, doesn’t warp or settle, and requires little to no maintenance while outlasting much needier floors like wood. If more buildings used rubber floors, the world would not only be a more environmentally friendly place, it would also be a better built place with less money wasted on low-quality floors.

We’ve taken this wonder material and made it available in more styles than ever before. At Flexco we offer rubber andvinyl flooring that can match and fit into any style or aesthetic you choose. The options we’ve created are nearly limitless, including elements like raised rubber textures, a huge library of colors that can be custom blended, and high fidelity imitation wood looks. We also have super heavy duty options for spaces that expect intensive wear and tear or for factories and industrial work stations.

If you want to offer your customers the very best, offer them a recycled rubber floor. Give us a call today.

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