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recycled rubber floor tiles

April 21, 2014

Recycled rubber floor tiles have become a key part of our business at Flexco. As the construction industry continues to evolve, it’s clear that eco friendly building methods and materials are becoming more and more important to consumers. This shift in consciousness is no longer a trend, it’s a change that’s here to stay – and one that we welcome as a positive step for the entire industry. While many of our competitors scramble to find ways to tout their products as green, at Flexco we’re proud to say that we have been producing natural, low impact, and often recycled rubber floor tiles for years.

We hold all of our products to our Enviroflex standard. Simply put, we make sure we can offer every one of our products in an environmentally friendly form. At minimum this means including some combination of sustainable materials, post-consumer or post-industrial waste, or recycled content in each of our product formulas. Our recycled rubber floor tiles are doubly eco friendly, because in addition to using recycled rubber tires that otherwise would fill up landfills or pollute rivers and lakes, rubber itself is a natural, renewable resource. Rubber is made by tapping the sap from rubber trees and is then boiled down to become the beautiful, strong material that we all know so well. We’ve long focused our business on the potential that rubber has to deliver an array of breathtaking floor choices, and the vinyl flooring products we’ve created remain at the heart of our business.

Rubber makes for high performance floors. Everyone has seen how impervious rubber seems to be to damage: it’s why it’s made into products like outdoor storage bins, door stops and children’s toys. The high grade of recycled rubber we use in our flooring products is even more durable, able to withstand powerful impacts, years of foot traffic or the use of heavy equipment. Rubber also makes for a very owner-friendly floor surface, as it requires little maintenance, doesn’t warp from water, is easy to clean up, and actually helps fight the bacteria that thrives on other floor surfaces. In many ways our recycled rubber floor tiles make for the ideal floor surface.

We’ve taken that ideal surface and made sure it looks good, too. We’re committed to providing enough selections of recycled rubber floor tiles that there is an option that will look good in literally any space you can design. That means we make a huge variety of color and texture choices available, including custom color blends, three dimensional raised textures and beautiful imitation wood grain super viagra. Our rubber floors are designed to impress.

If you want to offer the very most luxurious and long-lasting eco-friendly floors to your customer, and want to know you’ve got the lowest prices around, give our recycled rubber floor tiles a try. We know you’ll love them.

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