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outdoor stair treads

April 21, 2014

Outdoor stair treads are a must for safety in any building or property. Stairs in general are one of the highest accident risks areas of any building. People rush up or down the stairs, sometimes without paying attention, and it’s easy to trip and fall. But outside stairs have unique safety concerns of their own. They become more hazardous on windy days, and water from rain easily makes them slippery. Stairs are a very likely place for sheer ice to form because they are so exposed, and if that ice is covered with snow they can become truly treacherous. Outdoor stair treads help with all of these problems.

Outdoor stair treads have been around for some time, but originally were only designed for industrial spaces. Bright colors help make the stairs more visible but don’t always look right in a more commercial or residential setting. Many building owners have sought something more design friendly over the years, and finally, they have found what they’ve been looking for. A company called Flexco has launched a line of exterior stair treads that not only satisfy safety requirements but also look good doing it. Flexco has built its reputation on making design-friendly indoor and outdoor elements for stairs, rubber and vinyl flooring and other surfaces. And their outdoor stair treads are proving to be no exception. They call this line Flexterior.

In any sort of public space, Flexco’s Flexterior line represents some of the best outdoor stair treads available from any manufacturer. These are completely different from the rubber stair treads that are sold for indoor use. With Flexterior, you get durable, stainless aluminum coverings for each step that install seamlessly. Each aluminum tread is topped with a special grit strip designed to the tightest specifications in the industry. Where other stair treads will lose their grit and color over time, Flexterior’s closed-cell, anti-slip epoxy coating resists scuffing, scratching, staining and the wear and tear of the elements.

All of Flexco’s outdoor stair treads are available in two color tones. Flexco offers an impressively wide variety of colors to match any environs, or they can be used to set the treads apart visually. A classic coal-and-sunshine color tread makes it easy for the visually impaired to spot the steps and meets all ADA contrasting color requirements. Flexterior treads come with smooth, countersunk holes for flawless installation and are available in two standard lengths to fit virtually any staircase.

If you want to improve the safety of your building, whether it is new construction, renovation or a simple update to safety standards, Flexco’s Flexterior treads are worth taking a look at. There truly are no better <a title="Outdoor Stair Treads | Link To Top" href=" viagra in frankreich kaufen.html”>outdoor stair treads on the market and you’ll be happy with what you see.

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