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non slip stair treads

April 21, 2014

If you’re designing or remodeling any public space, you’re probably considering some form of rubber or vinyl flooringand non slip stair treads for the stairs. Stair treads have been a safety standard for decades, but with the new styles available from Flexco they are rapidly becoming a design element as well.

Non slip stair treads are important for any work area or other public space because they help ensure the safety of anyone using the stairs as well as limit your liability as the owner. Often times people will carry boxes and other large items up or down stairs. People will also run up and down stairs when they are late for a meeting, even skipping steps as they go. These are natural tendencies and most of the time they present no problem. But if someone mis-estimates their step you want them to have every chance to catch their balance and stay safe. Someone in a hurry can easily step halfway off a step without meaning too, and non slip stair treads give them the traction they need to recover.

In some areas non slip stair treads are required by law for certain types of building usages. In others it is just good sense. But regardless of your reason for installing stair treads, you want them to be an attractive part of your space. Flexco believes that all safety features should be able to seamlessly fit in with the surrounding floors, walls, and fixtures.

To meet this goal Flexco offers one of the most robust lines of non slip stair treads on the market. Flexco’s treads come in two different material options, rubber and vinyl. The classic rubber treads are available in scores of colors including textured color patterns to fit any environment. They are ideal for medium traffic areas like office spaces. For an even more durable and resistant tread Flexco offers a vinyl line. The vinyl treads also come in an impressive variety of color options and they are ideal for heavy usage areas. All of these treads are compatible with Flexco’s non-slip treaded floor surfaces. This makes it easy to customize a space whether it is designed for human foot traffic or light vehicle usage, indoors or outdoors.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing space, remodeling, or designing a new work area for the first time, Flexco is a leader in safety, quality and style. There is no company that offers such extensive, flexible options for how to outfit a space to meet safety needs without compromising aesthetics. Flexco products are also environmentally friendly and can contribute to LEED certifications for a space. Don’t compromise your workspace: take a look at Flexco’s non slip stair treads today and see what a difference they can make.

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