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marble tiles

April 21, 2014

Marble tiles are one of the most popular styles of flooring. Marble has long been a sign of classical elegance. It can project an aura of authority and grace or it can provide a warm natural feel unmatched by other styles of stone. Marble is often used in public spaces, but is also a popular choice in stylish homes, the offices of successful buildings, and any space that needs to stand apart as special.

The reason marble tiles are so popular is that they evoke a spirit of bygone eras. They remind us of the Classical world with its elegant pillars, beautiful statues, and focus on craftsmanship. They can speak to us of the mythic grandeur of temples, the halls where early democracy was born, and the schools of the ancient philosopher. Marble has a special pattern that grabs the eye. It engages visitors and makes a place feel different than any other.

However, there are disadvantages to actual marble tiles. They won’t work with every space because not all structures can bear the extra weight of actual stone tiles. They are heavy, hard to work with, and easy to break. When a space features real marble floors, the maintenance can represent significant extra work and cost. After all, marble needs to be polished regularly to look its best. But the biggest things holding most people back from marble floors are two factors: style and cost. Real stone doesn’t look at home in many modern buildings, be they offices or homes, because it doesn’t match the other materials around it; and stone tiles are known for being pricey.

Fortunately a company called Flexco has come out with some cutting edge alternatives for those who love marble tiles. Flexco has long been known as a manufacturer of designer-quality flooring solutions at economical prices. Recently Flexco launched its Natural Elements line of luxury vinyl stone tiles. Flexco has made a vinyl flooring that captures the feel of real marble tiles by suspending tiny ceramic beads and flecks of silver within the urethane coating of the vinyl. This means that unlike any previous faux stone, Natural Elements tiles look the part and bring the luxury of real marble into any space.

At the same time, Flexco’s Natural Elements come with all the advantages of vinyl. A highly resistant, durable substance, vinyl needs no polishing or waxing and is very easy on the budget. With its warmer, softer texture, it fits the feel of more spaces than actual stone does at a fraction of the cost.

If you want the look and feel of marble in your new space, it’s worth looking at the full range of offerings from Flexco. It’s hard to beat their vinyl marble tiles.

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