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interlocking floor tiles

April 21, 2014

Interlocking flooring tiles are an easy affordable solution for any space, whether it is for a residential project, commercial or industrial. There are several material types for flooring tiles and what makes the interlocking tiles so incredibly appealing is that they don’t require any adhesives. Removing the adhesive from the material equation means that the flooring will be more affordable.

Often times adhesives can be a very expensive component in a flooring project. Interlocking flooring tiles simply lock together to create a continuous surface. There should be a moisture barrier and/or other matting between the floor slab and the new flooring tiles. A great product is the rubber flooring tiles and is very desirable in commercial settings. One of the main things that makes it so desirable is its durability. Rubber has a well-earned reputation for being able to withstand almost any abuse without getting scratched, marked or dented. Rubber floor tiles are made of a thick, incredibly strong version of rubber with eye-catching colors and patterns. Many rubber tiles are even made from recycled materials, making an already green product even greener.

There are many other advantages to choosing interlocking flooring tiles over conventional flooring methods. Not only are the rubber tiles some of the sturdiest on the market they are also nearly impervious, resilient to scuffing and naturally resist stains. Interlocking tiles also come in a variety of colors and patterns and because they are individual tiles different patterns and designs can me laid out to make a space truly customized. Schools have utilized these tiles not only because they are made to last in high traffic areas but they also brighten up the hallways. Schools can use their school colors or simply create fun patterns with bright colors.

Flexco offers interlocking flooring tiles in several different materials and styles. They offer endless varieties, appealing to a wide range of audiences. What is great about the Flexco products is that they offer several green products, made out of recycled products both in rubber and vinyl flooring. Using recycled products in schools can help teach children sustainable practices. The flooring tiles offered by Flexco can help a project achieve LEED certifications. The latest patterns that have reached the market are a convincing finished wood and natural stone patterns which can be great for trying to create a natural environment in an indoor space.

When you are designing a space, whether it is a school, commercial or for a personal residence take into consideration the versatility and durability of flooring tiles. The simplest form might be the interlocking flooring tiles and what it can do for the space. Flexco’s endless selection is sure to have something for your project.

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