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IMO Rubber Flooring


Rubber Flooring

Exceeds IMO certification
standards. And yours.

Setting a higher standard for marine flooring.

The shipping industry is changing every day. New environmental regulations, the demand for higher fuel efficiency and the use of new materials create a rippling effect that touches countless shipbuilding components—including flooring. FLEXCO® is on the forefront, creating a better balance of exceptional sustainability, safety and performance.

FLEXCO IMO Rubber Flooring exceeds the most
stringent requirements of IMO Certification.

FLEXCO IMO Rubber Flooring contains 13% water creating a steam instead
of toxic smoke in the event of a fire.

The ONLY IMO Rubber Flooring certified
by the U.S. Coast Guard

FLEXCO IMO Rubber Flooring is bromine-free, Red List Free and is the only rubber flooring certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and the European Community Mark of Conformity. In the event of a fire, our flooring is less likely to release harmful and potentially life-threatening toxic gases than other flooring that is IMO certified.

• PVC-Free
• Bromine-Free
• Red List Free
• 13% water content
• 10% renewable content
• Made in the USA from premium raw materials

All the advantages of rubber flooring

Achieve the form and function on your vessel with the comfort, durability and
beauty of FLEXCO IMO Rubber Flooring.

• Outstanding resilience
• Excellent noise reduction properties
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Superior resistance to color fading when exposed to sunlight
• Thickness up to 1/8” with or without decorative chips

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Create a unique design using FLEXCO IMO Rubber Flooring

Our scores exceeded IMO criteria.
For every gas tested.

* Independent Laboratory Testing 12/18

Technical Documents

FLEXCO® IMO Rubber Flooring. Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Stay safe and successful in the wake of a changing shipping industry. FLEXCO® IMO Rubber Flooring helps you mitigate the risk associated with toxic gases that, in the event of a fire, may emit from other flooring, and it delivers exceptional performance.