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home gym flooring

April 21, 2014

If you are installing a personal gym or fitness area in your home, what do you plan to use for home gym flooring? Having a home gym is becoming a very hip thing to do. It’s also exceedingly practical. Having a gym or workout space in your own home, with professional style equipment, makes working out far easier and more accessible. It means it is more likely for you to actually put in the time working on your fitness that your body deserves, and maintaining your health is not only good for you, but for your family as well. At the same time, having a home gym can be a significant money saver. With membership fees soaring at professional gyms, the limited cost of installing a home gym can be offset by the monthly dues you save very quickly. But does it really matter what kind of home gym flooring you use? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that it does.

A home gym puts significant stress on your floor. The floor is already the one part of the house that is put through more abuse than any other, facing wear and tear, damage, and potential stains every single day. When you bring professional fitness equipment into your home and start doing workouts routinely, it only exacerbates the problem. This has to do with two factors: wear, and staining.

Wear is a major factor for your home gym flooring because of the many repetitions you do. When you use a piece of exercise equipment, you may not notice it but your motion causes it to rub slightly against the floor on every rep. Equipment designers try to limit this with rubber tips or runners where it touches the floor, but the machine in use weighs hundreds of pounds. Without a doubt, it puts your floor to the test.

Then consider staining. Human sweat may not seem to leave any marks on the floor, but when you work out in the same space every day you will quickly notice discoloring on a conventional floor. Did you ever notice how gyms seem to have a pervasive sweat odor? Often this is because they use cheap materials that can’t be cleaned fully. You don’t want this to happen at home so it’s important to choose the right home gym flooring.

So what material is best? I personally always recommend rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is extremely durable, attractive, water resistant and mildew resistant, and can be cleaned easily and completely with a simple wipe down. There are types of rubber flooring made specifically for sport areas like gyms.

If you are installing a home gym, take a look at rubber for your home gym flooring.

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