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green vinyl flooring

April 21, 2014

When you’re looking to make a building green, vinyl flooring is one of the top options to consider. Flexco has been in thevinyl flooring business for many years and we manufacture some of the most attractive and environmentally friendly vinyl floor options on the market. Right now the construction industry is in a very unique situation: the demand for green building materials is higher than ever, but due to the economic downturn the budget of most developers is smaller than it used to be. That can make for a difficult building challenge, but at Flexco we believe that green vinyl flooring is the perfect solution to achieve both affordability and environmental responsibility.

At Flexco, our vinyl flooring, like all of our products, are held to our Enviroflex standard. The Enviroflex standard means that no matter which of our product lines you’re looking at, we make it available in a form that incorporates sustainably sourced ingredients. As a company Flexco is very active in the US Green Building Council and our products are so sustainably produced that they can help your project qualify for LEED credits, which can end up not only impressing your customer but also helping your bottom line.

However, the reason we focus on green vinyl flooring is not just because of its low environmental impact, but also because we believe in the product. Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring products on the market, yet it is incredibly versatile and durable and, properly manufactured, can make for super high quality floors. This is because vinyl is highly resistant to wear and tear. It can stand up to more dragging and scraping than most materials without showing a scratch, and it will hold up to heavy traffic for years. Unlike wood it doesn’t need to be waxed, and it doesn’t warp from moisture. It’s simply a strong, affordable material with a lot of great qualities.

We’ve taken that material and made it stylish. Vinyl tiles were once only available in drab, simple styles that work best for subway stations and church basements. We focused on taking this high performance material and making it as variable in style choices as our customers are. We’ve created lush Natural Elements product that take advantage of vinyl’s warm texture by making it look like real wood or stone surfaces. And we have a variety of specialty green vinyl flooring options for spaces with unique needs, such as our ESD (electrostatic discharge) line for technology labs.

Vinyl has made a comeback, and Flexco is leading the way. There is no material better suited for a time when budgets are tight yet style and the environment are a priority. Take a look at our green vinyl flooring and give us a call today.

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