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environmentally friendly flooring

April 21, 2014

Environmentally friendly flooring is something that more and more developers, architects and contractors are using to meet the environmental requirements and goals of their customers. Increasingly, the end buyers of property want to know that their space is eco friendly and thoroughly green certified, whether it is somewhere they live or do business. This is a way for your customers not only to express their ethics about the way we use our natural resources, but also for them to show off their commitment to the earth to their colleagues, friends or customers. Flexco is committed to providing the environmentally friendly flooring people want, and we live up to that commitment in a number of ways.

As a company Flexco has instituted a policy we call our Enviroflex standard across all of our product lines. Quite simply, Enviroflex means that we include post-industrial and post-consumer waste, recycled substances and green materials in all of our manufacturing processes. It means that we can offer everything across all of our product lines in a way that’s made with green materials, to better honor the environment and live up to what our customers – and your customers – expect. Few other manufacturers can claim such a broad-based level of dedication to green building ideals. This is the cornerstone of how we produce our environmentally friendly flooring.

Flexco also focuses our catalog on environmentally friendly flooring materials that deliver high performance without taking a heavy toll on Mother Nature. Many of our products are built from beautiful, luxurious vinyl flooring. Vinyl was one of the first environmentally friendly flooring products developed in the 20th century and has continued to deliver great results to the present day. Vinyl is incredibly durable, has a warm, lush texture to it and can be formed into very convincing, and tasteful, imitation wood and stone floors. It’s also one of the most cost effective products on the market today.

Many of our other products are made from top quality rubber flooring. We’re proud to present a variety of flooring products made from rubber, a natural and renewable resource. Rubber is created from the sap of trees and we include recycled rubber in our products as well, further reducing their footprint on the earth. Rubber is also a choice flooring material for high traffic areas, one which resists moisture, staining, scuffing and damage better than most conventional flooring products at a fraction of the cost.

If your customers want their building to live up to their environmental ideals, come to Flexco. We specialize inenvironmentally friendly flooring