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commercial rubber flooring

April 21, 2014

Commercial rubber flooring – combining style and durability with green efficiency.

Commercial rubber flooring is a great way to add style and design to your office, retail space, fitness room, gym or warehouse. Not only is it durable and can be made slip resistant but it also is wallet and environmentally friendly. Our rubber flooring also comes in specialty flooring such as our ESD, Repel and Prime Sports series.

Flexco Floors is your one stop solution to affordable rubber and vinyl flooring. We offer a variety of commercial rubber flooring options in many colors with many features and benefits. For instance, our ESD Rubber floors are designed to protect sensitive equipment from electrostatic discharge. Rooms such as data centers, laboratories and healthcare facilities rely on controlled environments to keep their equipment running up to strict standards. Our Repel series rubber floors are designed to allow dirt, grease and water to drain off of walking surfaces, helping to prevent slips and falls in places such as auto repair shops, airport terminals and more. Our Prime Sports line is designed for gyms and weight rooms. It is rubber recreational flooring that is conditioned to take on a rigorous workout or provide added comfort and slip resistance.

We have been in business for over 50 years and have the experience, the determination and the dedication to make your flooring visions become realities. We have advanced as an industry pioneer and innovator because we remain performance driven, progress oriented and relationship minded. We strive to take flooring quality and selection to higher standards, develop cutting edge products with the newest and best features and build and strengthen relationships to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you seek commercial rubber flooring, vinyl flooring for your residence or anything in between, we are here to help you design and afford the floor options you seek.

Our FlexOne pricing structure allows you to price commercial flooring based on square footage instead of colors. You can mix and match colors within any series of rubber flooring options to give your space the unique and customized look you seek. This gives you the ability to save money now and in the future due to rubber’s durability and strength.

You can also know that you have done your part to save the environment. Our commercial rubber flooring options are made with recycled materials and renewable resources and may help qualify for the LEED certification program. All our products have green attributes with the exception of our FlexTerior treads. You can also see the EcoScorecard and LEED documentation for each of our products.

It is time you considered the environment, your wallet and your space for quality flooring. Contact Flexco Floors today to order your commercial rubber flooring and get started creating a unique style for your commercial establishment.

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