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interlocking floor tiles

Interlocking flooring tiles are an easy affordable solution for any space, whether it is for a residential project, commercial or industrial. There are several material types for flooring tiles and what makes the interlocking tiles so incredibly appealing is that they don’t...

home gym flooring

If you are installing a personal gym or fitness area in your home, what do you plan to use for home gym flooring? Having a home gym is becoming a very hip thing to do. It’s also exceedingly practical. Having a gym or workout space in your own home, with professional style...

green vinyl flooring

When you’re looking to make a building green, vinyl flooring is one of the top options to consider. Flexco has been in thevinyl flooring business for many years and we manufacture some of the most attractive and environmentally friendly vinyl floor options on the market. Right...

green building materials

Green building materials are a hot commodity in both commercial and industrial developments these days. More and more, end consumers are making it a priority to live and work in places that incorporate green building materials. The trend has affected design and construction...

floor tiles

Floor Tiles There are a wide variety of types of floor tiles on the market. Tiles have been a favorite style of flooring for centuries because they are elegant, easy to maintain and easy to clean. Once upon a time they were also costly, but innovative companies like Flexco have...

commercial rubber flooring

Commercial rubber flooring – combining style and durability with green efficiency. Commercial rubber flooring is a great way to add style and design to your office, retail space, fitness room, gym or warehouse. Not only is it durable and can be made slip resistant but it...

esd flooring

ESD flooring protects your valuable computers from static ESD flooring, or static control flooring, is great for rooms and establishments that have sensitive equipment. When you rely on computers and machines to perform your work smoothly, it is especially important that static...

environmentally friendly flooring options

At Flexco we’re proud that we’ve designed some of the leading environmentally friendly flooring options available today. We’ve been in the building materials industry a long time and are thrilled to see the ever increasing demand for green building options that more and more...

environmentally friendly flooring

Environmentally friendly flooring is something that more and more developers, architects and contractors are using to meet the environmental requirements and goals of their customers. Increasingly, the end buyers of property want to know that their space is eco friendly and...