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recycled rubber

Did you know that rubber can be recycled? Recycled rubber is a major industry that produces materials for all kinds of different applications. Rubber is a natural material, but it is a very long-lasting one which means that if put in landfills it can take up space for a long...

recycled rubber floor tiles

Recycled rubber floor tiles have become a key part of our business at Flexco. As the construction industry continues to evolve, it’s clear that eco friendly building methods and materials are becoming more and more important to consumers. This shift in consciousness is no longer...

recycled rubber floor

A recycled rubber floor isn’t just one of the best green building options you can offer your customers, it’s one of the best building options, period. Right now there is a great deal of attention in the construction industry being given to ways to make buildings environmentally...

recycled flooring

Recycling has become a backbone of our society, but did you know there is such a thing as recycled flooring? Recycling has become common in many industries, and construction is no exception. When materials are recycled it not only benefits the environment by keeping waste out of...

flooring tile

When you think of strong and resilient flooring, tile comes to mind. However, do you think of rubber floors or vinyl flooring as a viable alternative? Vinyl and rubber flooring can give you the durability, safety and low maintenance solutions you need while looking new and fresh...

outdoor stair treads

Outdoor stair treads are a must for safety in any building or property. Stairs in general are one of the highest accident risks areas of any building. People rush up or down the stairs, sometimes without paying attention, and it’s easy to trip and fall. But outside stairs have...

non slip stair treads

If you’re designing or remodeling any public space, you’re probably considering some form of rubber or vinyl flooringand non slip stair treads for the stairs. Stair treads have been a safety standard for decades, but with the new styles available from Flexco they are rapidly...

marble tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most popular styles of flooring. Marble has long been a sign of classical elegance. It can project an aura of authority and grace or it can provide a warm natural feel unmatched by other styles of stone. Marble is often used in public spaces, but is...

interlocking tiles

Are you looking for a flooring solution that doesn’t require adhesives but is incredibly durable? Interlocking tiles may be your solution you are hunting. Flooring tiles are an easy and affordable solution for any space, whether it is for a residential project, commercial or...

interlocking rubber floor tiles

Interlocking rubber floor tiles are becoming increasingly more popular and widespread in new buildings. Such flooring can often times be found in retail store spaces, office spaces, such as design firms, schools and loft style apartments. Even though the look has become quite...