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rubber flooring tiles

Rubber flooring tiles are becoming increasingly more popular in office spaces as well as schools. This is a great thing as Flexco offers a sustainable option as the center piece of their rubber flooring product line. The green building movement has revolutionized the construction...

rubber flooring for gyms

Not that many people have heard about rubber flooring for gyms, but they are fast becoming the number one choice for gyms and fitness centers all over the world. As more and more gyms switch to rubber floors, they are discovering just how many benefits rubber floors have over...

recycled rubber flooring

Increasingly, more and more businesses are choosing recycled rubber flooring for the floors in public spaces. This includes gyms, offices, retail stores and large busy areas like hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Rubber flooring, once a rare sight, is starting to become a...

resilient flooring

One of the most frequently asked questions put to architects and designers is what to do about resilient flooring. More and more people want to install a floor that truly lasts, without showing rapid wear from normal usage, and they are willing to consider a wide range of...

recycled wood floor

The term recycled wood floor has become a buzzword these days in construction, but there are drawbacks to using recycled wood floors. Many architects and contractors end up selling their clients on recycled wood floor products without realizing the problems that this product can...

recycled vinyl flooring

At Flexco, recycled vinyl flooring is one of our specialties. Over the past decade we’ve witnessed a transformation in the construction industry. Increasingly, consumers are demanding that their homes, their business and the places they go for entertainment must be built in a way...

recycled tire flooring

One of the best kept secrets of the sustainable design industry is recycled tire flooring. As the demand for green building designs and construction materials continues to grow, developers are turning to many different solutions. Reducing how much energy is needed, bolstering the...

recycled rubber tiles

Flexco leads the way in manufacturing quality recycled rubber tiles for use in industrial, residential, and commercial spaces. At Flexco we’ve long had a commitment to the environment and we make a point of including recycled materials or renewably sourced materials in all of our...

recycled rubber products

Recycled rubber products have become key to the green building industry. Today, an ever increasing number of consumers want to rest easy knowing that their homes, offices and businesses are not contributing to environmental damage. At Flexco we take that philosophy a step further...

recycled rubber flooring tiles

At Flexco, recycled rubber flooring tiles are a centerpiece of our product line. We’ve watched with delight as the green building movement has revolutionized the construction industry and changed what everyday people expect from the buildings where they work, live and play. For...