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April 21, 2014

sustainable flooring

If you are involved in the construction, design or architecture business you know that there is a rapidly increasing demand for sustainable design. Sustainable flooring, roofing, insulation and other building materials along with low-energy lighting and appliances and low water...

sustainable design

Sustainable design is rapidly becoming one of the most important buzz words in the design and architecture industry. People eagerly seek out sustainable design as one of their priorities in a building material, blueprint or architecture firm. In many cases a developer or...

stair treads rubber

Have you been considering installing stair treads? Rubber stair treads were developed to bring style, dependability and efficiency together. Many people think that rubber stair treads will only make a difference in an industrial setting and therefore don’t install them where it...

stair tread covers

Stair tread covers are a safety feature that many companies are utilizing. In addition to offering safety tread covers can also add to the look and design of a space by matching colors in the space. This can create a seamless style from floor to floor with the high-performance of...

stair treads and risers

Some companies treat stair treads and risers as an afterthought. But of all the accents you put in a work area or commercial space, few stand out as dramatically as riser and treads on a stairway. It immediately transforms the feel of a space, which can be a positive or negative...

stair tread

Many companies don’t consider the stair tread as an important part of initial construction. This can be a rather large mistake as it is an important safety detail in the work setting. In addition to the safety factor it can also transform the space and impact it positively or...

stair nosing

More and more workplaces are using rubber anti-slip stair treads, but does your business use stair nosing as well? While stair treads on their own make for a wonderful safety feature, the addition of stair nosing can go a step further and protect the stairs in your building from...

rubber stair treads

Are rubber stair treads really necessary in an office or work area? Many people seem to think they only make a difference in industrial spaces. As a result, a number of employers do not install rubber stair treads in any area where stair treads are not required by law. But this...

rubber mats

Ten years ago no one could have predicted that rubber mats would become one of the next great trends in flooring. There are many different types of flooring on the market right now, but rubber flooring has become a hallmark of quality and chic sophistication. Office buildings,...

rubber kitchen flooring

What kind of flooring do you have in your kitchen? Rubber kitchen flooring is becoming more and more popular, both in homes and in commercial settings, and there is a good reason for it. More people are discovering the unique benefits that rubber flooring offers, and how they are...